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Person's shadow against a rocky wall; shadow is off-center, slightly to the left, and is full body.

A singular shadow stood on a road and scratched its shadow head

Wondering which road to go down toward what shadowy goal

He tried to call out but his voice was merely an echo

If I could only be more substantial” he thought to himself yet as the day wanted he became less so

He was shocked to see himself become even more vague and indistinguishable

Some things like the imprint of tree branches as the sun filtered down seemed to have equal weight and some things like rocks had more so

Yet he wasn’t without life certain things made him tremble slightly though other things like the wind didn’t affect him at all

Where was he to go that was different from where he came from?

And where was he now?

The road grew darker as the night came on

And he watched himself become nothing at all

And the night become everything

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oilgomoor l bna

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arvia dandaaa daldaij yavnaaaaaa neg blogooo hotlooroi 2 tuulai...........................

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ингэхэд чи энэ тайлагдашгүй нууц гэх мэт мэдээллээ өөрөө бүгдйи нь орчуулдаг юм бишүүздээ???

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