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Can You Believe My Eyes, For I Can't As I Look At You?

As I stand at the edge of my cliff t'wards the bottomless of my pits,
tears sit inside my ducts love will never let me forget.

Like they'll barely fall at all, so scared of falling in love that the moment
they touch my skin they scream from inside my blood.

Creeping in under my skin, they pretend to give me a hug,
like they're hoping when we got closer the closeness would close my ducts...

Then the water would soothe my wounds, but then how would they heal the cuts,
as if something could hurt so good, it was worth it to keep it up?

Blood is burning inside my eyes and breaking thier will to shut.
Heavy tears are harder to hold in the absence of tender touch.

Yeah I ache when they open up, though it's hard to face me enough.
I don't have that much of me left to keep living my life as such.

I'm the only dirt that I trust on this earth with both of my nuts
to connect with my gut feelings that hurt feelings would crush.

I protect them to feel the swell. Aint no timid tears in there,
cause I need them to stay this big just to swang my pride in the air.

The deeper my heart bleeds is a power my gifts recieve,
til it's written inside my heart only third eye's can read...

I'm more sacred inside my love than my penis hangs to my knee's
that exceeds longer than length in the time it took life to breathe...

I react to the love that feeds and matches my needs for needs
satisfying this hungry thirst beneath urges that lust for greed...

I'd get gobbled up and relieved from these stresses that beg and plead
hanging off the edge of this cliff, if you felt what I can't believe.

By : Michael Laray Robinson

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1 сэтгэгдэл:

Nara (зочин)

wow! it's cool. i really like it.
Batmunkh oo, thanks a lot. It's a great job. I want to read more like this one. I will be your permanent reader.

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